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Manufacturer's address

Ivano-Frankivsk-Dakh LLC, 77422, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Tysmenytsia district, village Yamnytsia, Ukraine


+38 (050) 490-93-74
+38 (0342) 58-37-66

Regional representatives

PJSC Ivano-Frankivskcement is a Ukrainian manufacturer of high-quality and high-strength fiber-cement roofing. Within 55 years of fruitful work we have brought to life dreams of many people, offering environmentally friendly materials. During the existence of IFCEM companies, the following has been done:

  • FIBRODAH brand has been registered, which produces high-quality fiber-cement sheets;
  • a network of dealer representative offices has been created across the whole country for the companies that are willing to buy FIBRODAH roofing;
  • partnership relations have been forged with the representatives of more than 10 European countries;
  • a big quantity of fiber-cement roofing has been exported into 12 world countries.

Would you like to buy attractively priced FIBRODAH roofing?

Fiber-cement building materials become more widespread and popular due to high values of strength and durability. Using high-quality raw materials of our own production, we offer a perfect roofing, which is of high demand among end consumers. Thus, if you are working in the sphere of building material sales and wish to make the assortment more diverse, we offer you to get a good deal buying TM FIBRODAH roofing materials and to join our partner program. We invite for cooperation wholesale customers, owners of storage facilities and sales units, networks of construction and installation shops, and also everybody who aims at building a strong business.

If you wish to buy FIBRODAH brand roofing for yourself, the products can be purchased from our partners across the whole territory of Ukraine.

3 main ranges are available, which are optimally tailored for different consumer budgets, as well as accessory materials:

  • ridge details and plugs;
  • barge board flashings;
  • fixing parts for roof installation;
  • hipped and simplistic elements;

paint for cut correction.

FIBRODAH products: where to buy at a profit

We have foreseen attractive conditions of cooperation for every client. You can get to know more details by phone or after filling in the form on our website. After you provide us with your contact data, we will reach out to you and discuss the details.

Your advantages from the partner program:

  • an opportunity to buy FIBRODAH and roofing sheets at wholesale prices in Yamnytsia village, right where it is manufactured;
  • a chance to establish yourself as a reliable supplier of a good-quality roofing;
  • a perspective of business scaling;
  • 100 % pay off, due to a high demand for fiber-cement materials;
  • the company’s support in the sales to end users.

Contact FIBRODAH company, and you will get the information how to buy the products, as well as get samples, exhibition stands, promotional materials, etc.

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